How to write a rap song for beginners By: Jbone Ace

It’s very important that you start writing your rap song with the hook or the chorus. Make sure that you do a little research on the topic that you choose to write about. Sometimes it’s easier to write about things that you really go thru in real life for example: my song “Confused as a kid” was based on my true life story from childhood to an adult. Not all rap music has to be based on true life stories either. Remember you are a song writer and everything you write does not have to be true just like writing books or making movies. You do need to make a note that if you get carried away with your lyrics and start acting like you are superman then some people might take you up on a challenge, so don’t write a check that your ass can’t cash.

Once you have come up with a great chorus or hook you are on your way. If you can I suggest that you start making your sound track / beat with a drum machine or keyboard its up to you if you want to make the beat now of later. Start the beat off with a good solid kick drum use an 808 hip hop drum kit. Make sure that you get the right tempo / BPM (beats per minute). This is what determines how fast or slow a song is. If its a dance song you want an up tempo beat around 95-105 bpm or higher, if its a slow jam you want a tempo around 75-80 bpm.

Now lets get back to the lyrics side of the song since we already have our hook written we can take our time and come up with some good song lyrics that match the song perfectly. Think about all the things that go on in everyday life and try to relate to your target audience as much as possible with every word. It helps to use clever punch lines and catch phases. These really get the listeners attention and leaves them wanting more. The more that you relate to you listeners the more they are attracted to your music.

Another good thing to do when writing a rap song is to use current events the fresher the better. Rap music listeners seem to be addicted to the newest of everything from closes to jewelry to food trends, and more. Try to use the lastest slang terms or even come up with your own slang terms and teach people what they mean over you album. Make sure that you don’t over do it with politics and try  to remember Kids will be looking up to you once they hear you on the radio and that make you a role model. Once you have finished your song go over it as much as possible before trying to record it. After you feel comfortable with it and you can recite it with out stumbling over you words, This is when you are ready for the studio.

Remember to start with the chorus, make sure it catches everyone attention. Make your beat after the chorus so that you can listen to it while you write your lyrics. Make sure your lyrics are up to date and filled with content events. Recite the song over until you feel comfortable enough to make no

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How to write a rap song

mistakes, then go to the studio and finish the recording and hopefully if all goes well we will be hearing you on the Radio airways sometime in the mere future. So with that being said I have giving you some insight on how you to can write hot rap song just like JboneAce and remember practice practice practice.


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