When they said I couldn’t do it they only added fuel 2 my fire..


I was once a little confused kid not knowing much about the world around me. Just like you I had to go thru some ups and down before I could even begin to start understanding what life was going to be like. There have been times when I never thought I would see a High school and there were times that I shocked myself and others by actually graduating from one.
I often look back over my life and ask god what is my purpose. Most of my childhood peers are all married with kids and I have by choice done neither. Being a Sagittarius is hitting me hard but I wouldn’t change my sign for the world.
I am always searching for something that seems so hard to find will I ever learn how to relax maybe not in this lifetime.
Thanks for taking the time to checkout the post I couldn’t help but let a few words rhyme it must be a ghost…


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