JboneAce Fans get ready! OR IS HIP-HOP DEAD?


Here we Go again JboneAce fans. Thanks for letting me get away with taking a cool lil nap and spending some time with the ole lady and eat some of her good food in front of the TV…..yeah the good times. Now i’m back on a mission to keep you all posted on the upcoming Google play launch of the album “Julio” that will be shortly followed by powerhouse AceCrew Classics.

Each of these Releases are going to take you on a trip down memory lane and just might have you working around the house repeating every word of at least haft the album. Ok lets face it some artist are just here and we all know that and then there are the exceptions. Its time for you to decide. The future is in your hand please make a wise choice..for all of us…Is Hip-Hop dead?


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